Arvum Nova ….. Where Tollers rule

We are Margit Rietman and Paul Veen. We live together with our Tollers Nova, Puck and Demi in the Netherlands.

In 2010 our German Pointer (longhair) Dobbe died. Then we started looking for a smaller breed. A carpenter who was working in our house, made us ​​aware of the Toller. We borrowed a book about the breed and shortly after his dog stayed with us for a day. Then we knew  for sure that this was the right breed for us.

Early December 2010, through the Dutch Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Association's puppy mediation, we came into contact with Gea Bongaerts of Kennel of Stroezel Sensation (a.k.a. de Stroezelhut), who had a litter at that time, with two puppies available.

We had an instant click with the breeder and mid- January 2011 we brought our girl Nova home.

In August 2011 we got our dog Scott from the same breeder.

Nova and Scott are the foundation of our kennel. Through them we have really learned what keeping Tollers means and made us want to breed them as a hobby.

Therefore, in July 2014 we imported our second dog Puck from Canada.

Unfortunately, our males did not seem to be able to get together and in early 2017 we had to replace Scott with pain in our hearts. Fortunately, we found a golden basket for him.

On December 4, 2016 our bitch Demi was born in the Czech Republic at kennel Fateful Red of Jitka Duchková. She is a daughter of our Puck and Jitka's Cora. Demi is coming to us in April 2017

Read more about our dogs on the page "Our dogs".

On October 14th, 2015 our kennel name "of Arvum Nova" was registered.

Margit is mainly concerned with the care, education and training of the dogs. Paul is principally engaged in breeding policy, genetics, health, regulation and public relations.

We are members of-, and breed by the

rules of  the Dutch Association for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and the Dutch Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club, both members of the Raad van Beheer (the Dutch Kennel Club).

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