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Kim’s Amor of Stroezel Sensation was born on June 13, 2011 at Gea Bongaert’s Kennel of Stroezel Sensation (a.k.a. the Stroezelhut).

It soon became clear that after Nova there would come another Toller. During the visits of Nova’s litter, Paul was totally fallen in love with Nova's older half-sister Kim. She was due for a litter a few months later, but we didn’t know who the sire would be. We only heard after the coverage was a fact. The combination of Kim and Gomez seemed perfect to us, so we signed up for a puppy from that combination.

We were number 10 on the waiting list, so there was little chance we would get a dog from this litter. But someone cancelled and 9 pups were born, so we were going to have our dog. Sadly one puppy died Friday evening so we seemed to have bad luck. We were very happy when on Monday we received an e-mail saying there was another cancellation, so we still got a puppy. August 7, 2011 we took our Scott home.

Scott was “the tank” of the litter, who only knew one way: straight on…

Soon we realized that Scott has a very different character than Nova, he is a real clown; he does not always think and just goes for what he has in mind. This often leads to hilarious situations because he is not always looking for the smartest solutions.

Scott has something with ambulances with sirens. Whenever he hears it, he starts howling; even at the dog school in the middle of a complicated exercise he sat down and howled with a passing ambulance and then finished his exercise.

Scott has since grown into an open, stable, lay down and very sweet dog which makes us laugh every day.

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