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Britts Xena of Stroezel Sensation was born on November 19, 2010 at Gea Bongaertís Kennel of Stroezel Sensation (a.k.a. the Stroezelhut).

She was the smallest puppy of the litter, but one with a head on it (which we have known).

Novaís youth has not been entirely carefree and therefore we unfortunately had to have her spayed at the age of 8 months. But she will always be our pretty little princess, who neatly overcomes our males. She is the undisputed leader of the pack.

Nova is a bitch with an open character that draws her own plan and solves her own problems. She is crazy about balls. If we donít throw them for her, she will on her own find someone else to throw it for her.

Nova is a business woman in a suit, driving a convertible, wearing her sunglasses. But on her moments she will come to you for hugs and big kisses!



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